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If you reading this then it means you dont know that we moved.  With changing times and new exciting things happening we entered the world of .com.  Please continue to follow us over at www.lifewithaladybug.com – dont worry all your favourite posts are still there.

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Confession: This Mom Told A Lie

To tell a white lie is sort of ok if you want to win at this parenting thing, you need to tell them every now and then to save your own sanity. We’ve all been there, done that and got the t-shirt. However, I have lied to Ladybug BIG TIME for the last 9 months. Im not talking “Oh dear the batteries are flat” when they have been removed, Im talking a life changing lie!
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First the why, now the what and how?

We all know about the Why Stage of life. Mommy why? But why? Why? Wwwwwhhhhyyyyy? This stage of life generally can drive you to drink, if the tantrums don’t have you there yet, and it brings out the artistic side of you as you become creative in your answers. Eventually you sigh – rather deeply – and more than once come out with the say “Is a crooked letter and you cannot make it straight.” Or simple respond “Z” – or is it just mean that reached this stage? But why do not get warned about the what and how stage? Why not? Why? Continue reading