Take to the Skies with Emirates

One thing we have done allot of in the last 3 months is travel we have gone by plane, train, boat and car and now with the end of the year quickly approaching, most of you will be travelling too. I must admit that we didn’t fly Emirates to Australia *hangs head*, however we will be using them the next time we travel to Australia, or overseas. You see Emirates has just been voted the World’s Best Inflight Entertainment for the 12th Year in a row.
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Time is on my side

When you get to 36 weeks into your pregnancy and your maternity leave is in sight you have all these wonderful ideas of 4 months of leisure time. Time to catch up on everything. Time to do things that have been on your to do list for months. After all its Maternity LEAVE… wrong. Time disappears, hours turn to minutes, minutes turn to seconds and next thing you know the month is up and then two months. One could blame the endorphins released by falling hopelessly in love with your newborn, but that’s not it completely.
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